Brightside's Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts For The Guy Who Has Almost Everything

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Struggling to find things for your dude? Or maybe you just need something to round out your gift? We’ve got you covered.

  • Carry On Cocktail Kit: This is one of those things he’ll never buy for himself, but he’ll love that you did! An additional bonus, is that it makes two cocktails, one of which you could end up drinking.

  • Wallet: Find this one in stores. He’s been holding onto that dinky wallet of his for too long. Replacing a wallet is a perfect way to guarantee he thinks of you daily.

  • Socks: This one explains itself. You can never go wrong with a pair of socks.

For the Someone You Don’t Know Very Well


Candles, we all burn them. Don’t know someone that well, but feel like you’ve got to get them something? Candles are always our go-to gift. You can always find more in in stores, but here’s two of our favorites:

For The Coffee Lover In Your Life


Whether it’s a gag gift, or something you think genuinely belongs in their collection, everyone could use another mug. Here’s the latest from our holiday collection of mugs.

Instagram-worthy Beauty

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Self care is great, but it’s even better when you can get a great post out of it. Here’s our favorite Instagram-worthy beauty gifts for you and yours:

  • Wink and Kiss Patchology Flashpatch: Get your under-eyes and lips looking bright and moisturized! These sets make either one great gift, or can be split into packs to add on to other gifts!

  • Salt and Rose Salt Soak: Everyone loves a good bath photo. Is your bff always snapping photos in the tub? This is the perfect gift.

Stocking Stuffers Under $20

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We’ve got all of your last minute toss-in-type gifts for your stockings this year. Shop the store for all the stocking stuffers under $20. Our favorites are:

  • Free People Fuzzy Socks

  • Macaroon Candle Tin by Voluspa

  • Discovery Kit by Harper + Ari

Gifts Mom Won’t Need The Gift Receipt For

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Moms. Gotta love them, but they can be so hard to buy for! She’s too practical to want more things and stuff. She wants experiences. She wants things she’ll actually use. Gifts we love:

Gifts For the Life of the Party

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We all have that friend who’s the life of the party. They’re always the host, and this holiday you’re getting them something that keeps the party going. Our favorite gifts are: