A Little Self Love

It’s 2018, and women have arguably never been more powerful.

For once, people are listening to what we have to say. Like actually stopping what they are doing and listening because the conversation is so prevalent and growing louder by the day. It’s important to keep this attitude consistent in all areas of our lives. Now more than ever, single women shouldn’t feel less than, sad, or underwhelmed. 

Let’s all raise our glasses for a concept of self-love. For a generation of labeled as “selfish”, it's understandable to be hesitant of this seemingly indulgent ritual. But we are also the generation of “Fuck that” and “Ima do me”. So, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to transform your week into one filled with a little more self-love. 

  1. Dress up for your damn self. You have so many pieces in your closet you're not even wearing. Don’t feel silly about this. Wear actual clothes around your house for once, put on some heels, and we promise you’ll feel amazing once you stop self-judging.
  2. Indulge! Calories don’t count on self-love day. Reward yourself with your favorites or order takeout from that eatery around the corner you’ve never tried, and if the food sucks, there is always 24-hour Dunkin' Donuts nearby.
  3. Have a glass of wine! Compliment your takeout with something good, alcohol. You’re going to be thirsty so make sure you have a stash of your favorite wine or cocktail. Pour it up, pour it up, watch it all fall out.
  4. Take a selfie! Okay, so you’re feeling a little tipsy and wearing a dope outfit so time to take a selfie. You don’t have to post it but please do if its bomb, which it likely will be. There is no shame in a selfie. It’s the epitome of celebrating how beautiful you feel. That’s amazing! 
  5. Find Relaxation. Now, light some candles, burn some sage, take a bath, or do whatever you feel is most relaxing. Do not hold back. This is ultimate me time. After that, tuck yourself in early for some much-needed beauty sleep and dream the most decadent and fantastical dreams. You deserve it!