Brightside's Spotlight Babe: Amy Packett

You work for us! What's your position at Brightside?

I am the Director of Operations, which is a broad title for a whole lot of things. I run the website (product photos/descriptions, design, etc.) and the email list, receive & disperse all shipment for the stores, answer general store inquiry emails, some buying here & there, and general team management. Staying busy keeps me a happy gal!

What's something most people don't know about you?

Oh gosh, there's probably quite a number of things! I was a California resident for about 2 years before moving to Baltimore. Before that, I grew up in Edgewater/Annapolis, so it was a HUGE first step out of my parent's house and across the country! Never lived on my own before but wish me luck, peace out? Like, who does that? It was wild, but I'm so glad I did it because I'm not sure who I would even be now if I hadn't. Also, I was a dancer for 15 years (almost no one knows that). Oh, and I practice witchcraft (though people might know about that one by now - ha!)



When did you start getting into witchy things?

I've always been into "witchy" things! I did my first "official" sort of spell probably about 6 or 7 years ago. But I've been making potions out of mud and magic wands out of sticks since I was a little girl. I also had an intense rock collection before I knew what crystals even were. They just seemed inherently magical to me. I've always felt at home in nature and a constant childlike wonder about the universe and my place in it.

You've worked at Brightside for 2 years. How have you seen it grow and what do you see in the future?

When I started working for Brightside, we only had Fed and Fells and our staff was about 5 people. That's INSANE to think about. We thought 6 boxes of shipment was a lot of work and we did tiny photoshoots in the back room of Fed Hill. Now, it feels like we are constantly growing in so many ways. We have 3 stores (and counting...) and our staff has tripled in size, not to mention we knock out 18 boxes of shipment in one day and have photoshoots happening multiple times a week in countless locations. We've maintained our tight-knit family mentality amongst the staff and we all truly have a blast. Those of us who have been around for the last year or so are constantly saying "remember when-" and "can you believe we used to-" and, like, how exciting is that?! Brightside is a family of kick-ass women (and Zeke!) who want nothing more than to work our asses off and have fun doing it. And with that collective attitude, I think Brightside is unstoppable and the future is full of endless possibilities and I cannot wait to see how we will continue to grow.



How would you describe your sense of style? What are your go-to pieces?

Ever since I was a kid and wore knee-high black leather boots to elementary school (and definitely got made fun of as soon as I walked up to my bus stop), I've grown to love being an outcast. I got used to turning heads (not always in a good way) at an early age and honestly, I thrive on it. I'm definitely pretty bold when it comes to my style and my wardrobe is full of statement pieces and vintage (what's a basic?). On one day my style might read like the little witch on the prairie, another day it's 70's rock n roll groupie, and the next it's like, a 10-year-old Victorian girl? I don't know, man. It's always different. A lot of black & white, a lot of pink & red, and sometimes a touch of denim & gold, but pretty much always with a wide-brim hat. Life is too short not to treat every day like a runway.

What's your best vintage find?

I feel like I'm always getting so lucky in the vintage department (with a little help from my friends). It's a toss-up between some amazing Levi's jeans and a gorgeous floral maxi dress that ties in the back and looks like something my mom used to have. My mom's style circa 1974 is definitely an inspiration for me.

What is the best show on Netflix right now?

To be honest, I'm not super into tv shows, I'm more of a movie person. Catch me perusing the horror section on the regular, even though I've probably seen most of them. With that being said, I will say I do love Black Mirror.

Want to get to know Amy more? Follow her on Instagram @filiadeluna.