Brightside's Spotlight Babe: Aishwarya James

One of this month's Spotlight Babes is Aishwarya James! You may have already seen her on our Instagram! Aishwarya is one our of regular models! 


You are always posting photos in amazing spots. What's your secret to finding cute Instagram-worthy spots?
Well for me personally, I can't take picture at night or any day there is no sun. I recently have been loving unique patterned doors and tiles. Thank god we live in Baltimore because you can seem to find those anywhere you go. In Baltimore, my favorite place to shoot is around Mt. Vernon. The area is filled with cute townhomes, coffee shops and the whole area is pretty aesthetic.

What do you use to edit the photos on your Instagram?
I use Lightroom. I’ve been messing with very light blues and orangish tints with all my pictures. I’ve messed around with it for a bet probably about a month or two until I found the perfect photo preset for my personality.

What makes a "good" photo? What makes it worth posting?
I feel that a “postable” photo is something you can look at and think I bet no one else took a picture like this before. I tend to post picture that have food in them, because I know that everyone love food, I mean what's not to love?


You work at Baltimore Magazine! What's it like working there?
Yes, I work under the style editor Lauren Bell. I love, love working here, I'm always doing something different like taking sound healing class to write the benefits of sound healing or going shopping (for free) for a photoshoot. I definitely want to work in different magazines as a style editor in my life, and working here is a very big stepping stone for my future.

What are some of your favorite places to shop? Do you find yourself swaying towards one brand in particular?
One of my favorite places to shop is probably Urban Outfitters. Since my style is pretty boho I love long flow he dresses and right now I’m up obsessed with tie-up tops One brand I really love from Brightside is Amuse Society.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 2.06.20 PM.png

Do you have a playlist you're obsessed with currently?
I love Rap Caviar on Spotify. I love Kendrick Lamar! Honestly, any one of his songs will do. Recently I’ve been obsessed with his new song with SZA “All the stars”.

What's your go-to Starbucks order? 
Cookie dough Frappuccino. If you try it, it’ll probably be the only thing you’ll get from now on.

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Want more of Aishwarya? You can follow her on Instagram @aishjames