Brightside's Spotlight Babe: Markie Peterman

Brightside's Spotlight Babe: Markie Peterman

How did you get started as an Instagram MUA? When did you see things start to take off?
I am a professional makeup artist by trade and when I was finally fed up with retail makeup I decided to take the leap into beauty blogging. It took a few months but once I started to be consistent and really take it seriously things started to happen. My first big break came in March 2017 when I got a LimeCrime hair campaign that went viral! 

What's a typical workday like for you?
I wake up at 8:30 am everyday to keep myself on a “normal work day” schedule, I eat, drink a Pepsi, go over emails, check my planner, plan out a video or over all look, or go over my sponsored content schedule to make sure I’m on time with creating for other companies. In between all that I’m also taking care of my fur babies and usually cleaning my house because I’m also a professional house wife, gotta keep up on that job as well! 


What inspires you most to take on such a unique approach to makeup? 
There’s a lot of different aspects that add up to the bizarre and wildness that you see! Haha. I was very much bullied as a child for being a smart nerd from the inner city who was plucked out and moved to Howard County. I always loved things that were considered weird and lame, so it took me a long time to feel okay being myself. Once I discovered makeup in my teens I felt like I had an acceptable excuse to be who I was so it continued to blossom from there and let me open up to other aspects like clothing, hair, personality in general. Once I truly stopped caring my skill level and creativity really came through. So I take inspiration form things I love and bright colors and I put them into the thing I love doing most, MAKEUP! 

What advise would you give to anyone trying to build an Instagram following?
Be consistent, be yourself, don’t be a copy, find what makes you different and run with it. Always be open to improving and always try to improve even if you already feel like your content is great, there’s always room to make it better. Be as transparent as you’re willing to be with your audience, everyone appreciates a real human being not a perfect unattainable person on the internet. Lastly, just be a good person. I promise good things come to good people. 


What are three beauty products you cannot live without?
OH MY LORD, I don’t even know if I can pick three things! Skin wise the GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Mask because my pores are horrendous and that that actually works by clearing them shrinking them. Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products cause y’all know I got some bodacious fluffy brows. LimeCrime liquid lipsticks, they’re just so great. Also, just highlighter in general I prefer looking like a delicious glazed donut at all times. OMG also glitter! DUH. Any glitter, always and forever. 

How do you manage to stay so small? Do you have any fitness or health secrets?
I mean really it’s the McDonalds Chicken Nugget grease that keeps me so young and in Shape. HAHAHAHAHA. Honestly,  I know I eat terribly BUT I don’t constantly eat terribly. So, I still eat whatever I want, BUT I do it in moderation. I honestly love vegetables and healthy foods too. Especially with my autoimmune issues I have to still implement a specific diet most of the time so my body doesn’t just stop working...but I love beer SO MUCH, And Pepsi. I drink like a 2-liter a day. Disgusting, I know, but I’ve done it for so long I’m pretty sure my body just thinks it’s water now. 


We love all your tattoos! What was your first tattoo?
Aww yay, thank you! So I actually waited until I was 18 to get my first one, even though I was allowed at 16 I wanted to try and be responsible for what I wanted. With that being said my first tattoo was a classic Hello Kitty face on the side of my hip. HAHAHA. No Ragrets! But really I still love it and I couldn’t have picked a better first. 

Do you have a favorite quote or song you want to share with anyone reading?
Well, I am still an Emo Scene Queen that never grew up (Surprise) so my fave song ever is probably There Is by Box Car Racer. One of the lyrics is “That there's someone out there who feels just like me, There is” and I think that’s something helpful to remember when you’re feeling a certain kind of way, that no matter what you’re never truly alone. There is always someone, somewhere facing the same things you are. 

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