Brightside's Spotlight Babe: Paige Krupa

What are you listening to?
I basically listen to all music currently obsessed with Sucre! They are an amazing wife, husband duo! Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t yet!

Has your style changed since becoming a mother? If so, how?
Definitely more conservative I would say! Like if I’m shopping for shorts, I like them long enough so my butt not hanging out and same with tops, nothing too chesty. (Even though I don’t have a chest)

How would you describe your personal style?
I would say a more casual style! I live in jeans and a tee or a jumpsuit! Something quick and easy to throw on for the day with a baby, I can’t be picky on outfit choices anymore! I love black and neutral colors so that’s all you’ll see me in.


You're in school to become a cosmetologist. What's that process like?
I am in cosmetology school and half way done!! It’s a lot of hard work if anyone thinks it’s easy it’s not! I’m there Tuesday-Friday from 9-5! Your in a lot of classroom settings and hands on stuff with clients! But it’s also a lot of fun and rewarding, when you make someone feel good!

Is there anything about your beauty routine that has evolved since studying cosmetology?
YES! My skin care routine!! I love to wear makeup but never really took care of my skin. I would just use a face wipe and call it good. But now that I know what products work for my skin I have a routine now, morning and night!
Night cream
Simple enough!
My goal it to get my skin to wear I’m confident enough to go out without makeup on!

What's your makeup routine like?
My makeup routine is nothing fancy! Toner, primer, It cosmetics cc cream is my go to! For brows I’m currently using precisely brow pencil by benefit which is new for me and I’m obsessed with it! Then a little mascara and setting spray I’m done! And that’s if my son lets me do my make up!


What three items in your closet could you not live without?
I can’t live without my leather jacket! I’ve had it for years and it’s probably seen better days but I just can’t let it go! I also can’t go without my high waisted jeans or tee shirt!!

You recently went blonde! Why did you decide to go lighter in the first place?
I did recently go blonde! It’s been a long process for the past year and a half. I’ve had blonde before and loved it but it was also fried! So this time we took our time, me and my amazing hairstylist Ang and got it to my blonde goals! But the real purpose of going blonde was so I had a blank canvas to put some fun colors into my hair! Which is coming up soon! Can’t wait for everyone too see what color I’ve picked!

What's your go-to Starbucks order?
Yes I’m a Starbucks snob! My go to is a Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato all the time unless I want to change it up I get a Venti green iced tea Lemonade Sweetened(which is a perfect summer drink!!!!)

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