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Brightside's Spotlight Babe: Ian Bell

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Brightside's Spotlight Babe: Ian Bell
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Last meal, what would it be?
Such a tough choice! I'm a sucker for Chik-Fil-A but I don't think that would be a super special last meal. With that said, I'll have to go with something really specific: chicken strips, mac & cheese, and mashed potatoes. (Throw in some green beans to even it all out haha!) Huge fan of comfort food and that would absolutely fit the mold.
What is your relationship like with Baltimore? You capture it and its inhabitants so well.
Thank you! I'm native to Maryland and the greater Baltimore area. I grew up in Anne Arundel County and as I got older I found myself venturing into the city more and more. I've been fortunate enough to meet so many unique and creative people in Baltimore; I'm looking forward to creating more and more lasting connections!

You have a spectacular eye and amazing edits. What do you love about being a photographer/videographer? 
Seriously, you're way too kind. I love that I have the opportunity to capture reality in a creative manner. Not only that, but I love the task of creating art from nothing more than a concept or vague idea. The possibilities are endless and for that I'm incredibly grateful to be a photographer/videographer.

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Any advice for aspiring creatives? 
Absolutely! Carve out your own path. stop worrying about social media trends. Stop worrying about the number of followers you have and the number of likes you get. Life is too short to confine your value as a human being into numbers contained within phone apps. Experience the world around you. never stop learning and growing. Form positive connections with others and enjoy the journey while it's happening. While mistakes will be made and obstacles will present themselves, you can always use those as learning experiences for the future.

You have a gorgeous wife and adorable son. How did you get so lucky?! No but seriously, how do you balance being present for your family and producing amazing work? 
Dudeeeee like seriously I won't even try to brush that one off. I'm so freaking lucky to have Chelsi and Max. They both support my creative passion and give my life meaning. The bond I've created with my family could never be replicated. You know, that's actually one thing I haven't always been great at. Don't get me wrong, I'm very present with my family -- but there are times when I get too wrapped up in my work and forget what matters most. I recognize these shortcomings within myself and will continue to work on them. Overall, I try to schedule out my work and take necessary breaks in order to focus on my loved ones. I can't be on the clock as a creative all the time. I have to be a dad and a husband first and foremost.

Your style is the perfect mix of cool and casual. Do you have any favorite brands from Brightside that compliment your lifestyle? 
I'm a huge fan of anything Levi's! I love that I can throw on a white t-shirt, denim jacket, black jeans, and a pair of boots and be ready to roll. I like to dress comfortably but I still want to remain fashion forward and look the best I possibly can. RVCA is another brand that I've been interested in lately as well!

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Name one fashion rule you always stick to and one you always break.
These days I find myself cuffing the sleeves of nearly every t-shirt I own. Not sure if that's a fashion rule, but I'd like to think it adds a pinch of "style." I also wear more athletic wear like joggers and running shoes as actual outfits these days. Whenever I take our dog for a walk or go grab coffee in the morning I throw caution to the wind and mix patterns or wear absolutely non-matching color palettes. Totally need to up my style game!!!

For more Ian Bell, Follow him on Instagram @Ianjaredbell.