Rachel Cooper

Brightside's Spotlight Babe: Trisha Comer

Rachel Cooper
Brightside's Spotlight Babe: Trisha Comer

Take us through a typical day as a hair stylist. 

It usually begins with coffee while I go over my schedule for the day. This is when I come up with my game plan and gather inspo for each individual guest. Every day is different and every girl that sits in my chair is different, that’s the best part about this job. When we both bring ideas and excitement to our session it makes the end result so special. It’s something we created together that’s tailored to their life. Most importantly, they feel like the bad ass that they really are. Then I drink more coffee.

My day usually ends with bleach stains all over my clothes and chemical burns on my hands.  Honestly, a day behind the chair is exhausting and my body hates me for it, but it is so unbelievably rewarding in its own way. I spend my days connecting and building relationships with so many different people while doing what I love. I’m so lucky that my means of survival is also my passion and I think everyone deserves to feel that love for their hustle.

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What are you drinking after a long day on your feet? 

WATER! Hydrating tends to slip my mind through the day. There’s usually a cold bottle of Sauv Blanc calling my name when I get in the door. It usually says “come on, pour a glass you deserve it”.  But when I'm out, a really strong, really really cold dirty martini is my kryptonite!

You used to live in Baltimore and moved to Annapolis before us. First, how happy were you that we opened a Brightside in Naptown? Second, tell us a little what you like about the area. 

Yes! I moved away from Brightside, unfortunately. But it has always remained my go-to for shopping. The Fed Hill location will always hold a special place in my heart but damn if you didn’t make me the happiest girl in Annapolis when the new location opened! Dreams really do come true, haha! 

What’s not to love about Annapolis? It is so aesthetically pleasing. There’s nothing like the sun beaming on the water, watching the sailboats go by. I love having lunch outside (with my dog Harvey, of course) taking in the smell of gasoline coming off the boats... maybe that last part is just me, I'm weird.

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What is your go to work look and weekend look? 

Black and Black. I LOVE jackets, shoes, and jewelry. The more “extra” and different a piece is, the more I have to have it. When you live in black, you have to learn other ways to make a statement and I refuse to blend in.

What is the secret to envious hair?  

Gorgeous hair does not happen by accident.  It comes from building a relationship with your stylist. The foundation to great hair is trust! Listen to your stylist's recommendations when it comes to products and how to maintain your hair at home. It’s how we guarantee that your hair will look good long after your appointment. 

Personally, I love following my girls on insta! I get to watch them live in their hair, and get to know them better outside of our usual few hours together every other month. I’m always sliding into DMs with hair inspo I think they’ll love and getting them pumped for our next session together. This leaves the door open for strong communication. Trust, communication, and a stylist that really gets you is the key to gorgeous healthy hair. Also, it prevents you from ever pulling a Britney 2007!

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You also offer braid bars at various events. How did you get into that? 

Yes! They are SO MUCH FUN. My best friend Leah (@leahbhair) and I do them together. It really is more of a hobby I guess. Braids are so badass. But how would you know if you’ve never tried rocking a sick braid on a night out? Being different is cool. We love to wander around craft stores searching for ideas, then sit at home creating new accessories for each event. You name it, we can do it. Our inspiration never stops flowing and the braid bars give us the opportunity to really have fun and meet new people! We want to inspire girls to think outside the box, try something different and feel confident.

What trends are you looking forward to wearing this fall? 

JACKETS JACKETS JACKETS!!! Fall is my season. My jacket collection is on another level and I can't wait to start adding to it this season. I’m also really into bell bottoms right now. I’ve been buying up denim like crazy! I sent one of my denim jackets to Megan at Copper Stone Co. and I can't wait to see what kind of custom design she comes up with for me! Did I mention I like being different? Also, hats are badass and we should all be spicing up our wardrobes with fall hats and hair scarves!

for more trish, follow her on ig @trishacomerhair!